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Giving Back to the Community

The Shed is part of the community, as such we want to work with individuals and other groups in Barton and the surrounding area.

Objectives of the Shed include advancing the health and well-being of the participating members and creating opportunities for them to contribute to their local communities.

In other areas, Sheds have become part of a network of local charities, which work together to assist individuals and organisations.

Image by Dominik Scythe

Local Sponsorship

Setting up the Shed has been accomplished in no small part due to the support of Humber and Wolds Rural Action team.  With their help a network of Men's Sheds have been established throughout the area who come together regularly at Alliance meetings to share experiences and good practice. 

Local companies have already identified the value of the Barton Shed to the community and have stepped in to help us become established. 


The Tesco store in Barton has made us a beneficiary of a Community Grant, in order to purchase new equipment for the Shed.

They invited us set up a stand in the entrance of their shop to promote International Men's Health day to promote our activities and fund raise, where the manager presented us with the cheque for the Community Grant.

Wren Kitchens also held a collection among their workforce to help us raise funds.

Barton Rotary Club also made a generous donation to buy tooling for the Shed

As the Shed becomes more established we hope to identify other local sponsors to support our charity. 

Tesco Cheque Picture.jpg
sander 2.jpg

Peter trying out the disc and belt sander donated by Barton Rotary Club.

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