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Carpenters at Work

About us

We are a charity in our own right, but belong to a local alliance of 'Sheds' in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.

Our aim is to provide a space where similar minded people in Barton-upon-Humber and the surrounding area can get together to make friends, share hobbies and skills, and tea and biscuits!

Initially, we are setting up the shed for wood working, but as we are an individual charity, we can also encompass other interests depending on our members.  Some other interests our trustees share are metal work and art.

Originally the sheds looked to provide  a space for the retired or people who had limited opportunity to mix with others (typically men), but the Shed also welcomes lady members.

On retirement, many people miss the opportunity to work with others, share banter and be part of a team.  Join us and help us to extend our team!

As a charity, we rely on donations, membership contributions and the sale of items we make.

Membership fees are kept to a minimum, just to cover our running costs, so we encourage members to take part in joint activities making items to sell, typically at craft fairs.  Members can undertake individual projects, however they would need to provide their own consumables.

If members have limited mobility, or are unable to operate machinery safely, they are still very welcome to join us for the tea, biscuits and camaraderie. 

Meet the Team

Currently there are five trustees along with our secretary.  This page is under development!!

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