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Rules, Regulations and Other Stuff

Any organisation requires a set of rules and regulations in order to function safely and inclusively. 

As the shed is on a site shared with other organisations, there are additional rules to ensure that we do not infringe with their operating procedures and expectations.

Members are requested to make themselves aware of these to ensure the shed is as safe as possible and members are aware of their responsibilities and expected actions.

The information on this page will be updated and modified.  Members will be informed of changes, but they are asked to remind themselves periodically.  A hard copy is available in the shed.

If any shed member wishes to add to, or amend the rules, they are requested to make a Trustee aware so that their suggestion can be considered. 


This section contains some important documents which relate to the effective running of the shed.

Please familiarise yourself with them to ensure we maintain a safe and supportive environment. 

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