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  • Membership is at a cost of £15.00 per calendar month, payable by direct debit. 

  • Membership entitles you to attend one day per week. 

Cutting Wood

What does membership offer you?

Come and join us to enjoy company, tea and biscuits and the chance to pursue your hobby, share your existing skills or learn new skills.

The shed is a charity, and as such needs to generate income to continue in operation.  To help with this, members are encouraged to work on projects where items are generated that can be sold.  Quite often those that have retired, or are out of work, miss the opportunity to work as a part of a team, sharing a common goal brings people together!

Members can work on their own projects, however, they will be expected to provide their own consumables (wood, paint, etc.) if they do so.

Meet The Trustees

Our Clients

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